The questions I've had during my learning process.

Id Question Solved at
1 How do you install? Solved
2 How do you start developing? Solved
3 How do you make graphics with Django? Solved
4 Django uses some kind of structure to tell the application where to look for links. How does this hierarchy work? What is actually put into the different files? Solved
5 What is the most basic way to add the url:s to Solved
6 What is the " '^ " thing that can be seen in the URLpatterns? Solved
7 What is the $ sign in the URLpatterns? Solved
8 If I want to embed an iframe to the app can I do it straight into the HTML? Pending
9 Are all of the URLpatterns always put into the file? Pending
10 Is it difficult to change to the production server? Pending
11 How do I really get an external CSS sheet working? Pending
12 How do I connect a new app that I've created under the project folder to the project? Pending
13 What's the development process if I want to create a new website with apps? Something discovered
14 How do you cross query models? For example, If I have a blog app and a books app, how can I show related blog posts in my books app? Pending
15 How do I take the admin interface into use? Solved
16 How do I alter the models I already have? Pending
17 How do I customize what is shown and can be edited in the admin interface? Solved
18 When I want to start developing after some time, how do I start the server and check the page etc? Pending

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Capturing the Learning Process - Example Django

From my experience as a teacher and learner, I've noticed that information actually is not the basis of knowledge. You can never just show someone how to solve a maths problem. They'll just forget it. What you have to do is the help the student to realize how to solve it. Usually it helps to ask the right questions for example. So that the student can have an epiphany and suddenly get it. Feels great.

Well, that's the basis of my Project of Capturing Learning Processes. I don't have a proper name for it yet though. This is a project that's going to take a while to conceptualize, since I want to revolutionize learning from the starting point of identifying the problem. I'll call the project sparks for now.

Problem: There is a lot of knowledge lost in learning. Learning is inefficient. Let's make learning more efficient by using the web.

I'm not going to tell more about the project right now, until I get a bit further. For now, I'm going to settle on Capturing my own Learning Process. I'm going to learn web developement on Django.

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